QualitATIVE Solution PROviders:

Power Quality Products:

Our Electrical Energy saving Products brands such as EPCOS, Schneider Electric.

  • LT Power Factor Capacitors - upto 50 KVAR.( Cylindrical & Box type)

  • LT Power Factor Capacitor Banks - application upto 2000 KVAR.

  • Automatic Power Factor Controller (6 Steps, 8 Steps 12 Steps & 16 Steps)


  • Automatic Power Factor Control Panels - SME Make APFC Panels (up to 1000 KVAR)

SME APFC Panel Features

  • Well compact, conditioned and fitting design.

  • Durable life expectancy.

  • Ducts with cooling fan for automatic temperature control.

  • Economical to the company by avoiding penalty.

  • Highest safety protection.

  • Totally digital setting and handling

  • High efficiency output.

Power Electronics products:

Products range from 600VA to 10 KVA Brands like Microtek, Luminous, Livfast & Exide etc.,

  • Online UPS

  • Home UPS

  • Solar UPS

Batteries Products:

Brands : Exide,SF Sonic,LIVFAST & Luminous

  • Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries (12V /7AH to 100AH)

  • Lead Acid Batteries (12V /60AH to 200AH)

  • Tubular Batteries (12V /80AH to 225AH) - Short Tubular Batteries & Tall Tubular Batteries.

  • Solar Batteries