Industries We Cater To

Our wide range of LT APFC Panels, LT Capacitor Banks, Power Factor Capacitors and PFC Controllers, On Line UPS Systems, Home UPS and Batteries are widely used in various industries and sectors as below,

  • Windmills

  • Rice Mills

  • Oil Mills

  • Construction industry

  • Crusher Industry

  • Distilleries

  • Welding and foundries Industry

  • Educational Institutions

  • Medical Fields

  • Banking

  • IT Sectors

  • Automobile electrical fittings

  • Steel Industry

  • Telecommunication and other corporate sector

  • Electrical & electronic industries

  • Engineering industries

  • Mechanical industries

These can be provided to the clients in customized sizes and specifications as per the requirements of the industry

Domestic Customers also we are serving them by providing Home UPS & Batteries.